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The 127th Canton Fair was held online on June 15-24

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The 127th Canton Fair was held online on June 15-24, and the Ministry of Commerce has launched relevant investment promotion work. This Canton Fair has a global coverage and has sent invitations to more than 400,000 overseas buyers who have attended the meeting; Canton Fair's overseas partners, important international business organizations, multinational procurement companies, etc. carry out precise investment invitations; we will also actively invite previous merchants who cannot attend the conference due to factors such as time or travel costs through various channels and methods, and strive to attract more international Buyers participate in the meeting to create favorable conditions for enterprises to take orders and secure the market. At the same time, we have increased the invitation of domestic buyers, expanded the scope of invitations for professional buyers, actively expanded imports, and promoted the export-oriented domestic sales of foreign trade enterprises. Different Canton Fair, different results, welcome to inquire whatsapp 0086-13505998661

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